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Hey my cute owls,

I know it's been some time since my last post. But as I said, I moved into my new apartment and didn't have any internet here. Now after a few weeks I'm feeling kinda home. There was a lot of trouble for me, but I guess I will tell about when I do a roomtour (even if this will take some weeks, because there's still missing some furniture.) Nevertheless I'm really happy to tell that I'm back and that I will try to post a new blogpost every sunday again. My life's changing rapidly at the moment, because I just found a new job. ٩(⸝⸝⸝◕ั ௰ ◕ั⸝⸝⸝ )و I am really excited and hope that everything will get better. I will keep you updated if you're interested.
So, but I really want to use this first blogpost to show you one of my favourite shops. I've already purchased several times at Cute Japanese Fashion. It's a cute little online shop from Great Britain, which was founded in 2009. I really love their kawaii and really affordable clothing for girls. The shop owner Belinda is such a nice person, she always helps you if there are any problems and tries to make you happy with your order. The items I got were shipped really fast and after three days the package arrived. I was so excited. ♡ And I got a discount code. You can use the code "LisaOwl" at checkout to save 15% off your total order. ♡ I'm so happy that I can share this discount code with you. 

So after opening the little package, I first found these cute little extras, like some candy and little stickers. (●♡∀♡) I love these cute personal extras they put inside, eventhough the candy was filled with some sour powder. D:

So, inside the package there also was a pastel violet wig with yellow streaks and ponytails (after getting my Karuta wig I really fell in love with ponytail wigs, you can create so many different styles. *^*) At first I was a bit skeptical, cause the hairnet where the hair is attached, seemed to be really small and I wondered if it could fit to my big head. It was quite difficult for the first time, but in the end it was no problem to attach it like all the other wigs I own. And I really love this new wig. The colors are great and I love that you can wear it with one or both or even without ponytails. Nevertheless I have to cut the fringe and I'm not quite sure whether I will cute it straight or diagonal. The wig really inspired me doing this fairy kind makeup. I guess I will have a lot of fun with this wig (and it looks so damn fluffy when you put on the ponytails (´∀`)♡ ).

In addition I got some cute over the knee socks in white with lace (they are also available in black and grey). As you may know, I love wearing tights and over the knee socks, so I guess these I really needed them in my collection. They are really cute. Nevertheless you really need to feel comfy in your body, because I first thought that they were too small especially the over the knee part. It looked like they were much too tight. But I found a way how to wear them and now I'm so happy. ♡ So, you really have to think about buying them when you don't have really really thin legs (like me) and don't feel comfy when they are are quite tight. But if you can live with this fact, I can really recommend them!

The bear shirt. What do I have to say? I fell in love with this shirt when I first saw it a long time ago. And now I can call it my own. ♡ I didn't get disappointed. The colors are great and it fits perfect. It's not too loose and not too tight. I guess this one will get one of my favourite shirts ever. ♡.♡

Surprise Gift 

Last but not least, there was a little surprise in this package. And that's this damn cute bear skirt. Oh my god, I nearly flipped out when I saw it. I guess that's the cutest skirt I've ever had! I really love it (you can't buy it on their page, so I feel quite special now, haha). It's a bit short, but hey: It's a cute little bear skirt! So who the hell cares? I really have to say thank you to Cute Japanese Fashion and especially Belinda in this place for this great surprise! You really made me happy and I only can say that I really admire how much love you put in your little shop. ♡ Thank you so much.

And because the clothes I got really suit together I did a coord of the things I got from Cute Japanese Fashion. (I am really feeling cute while wearing these, hehe.)
I hope you liked this short little blogpost. I love sharing and supporting shops I really love. I think they are worth being shown to the world, especially if they are only little stores not everybody knows, like Cute Japanese Fashion. They have a great support, great and high quality clothing for affordable prices and fast shipping. I can really recommend them and won't stop buying their clothes. ♡

If you want me to present more shops I like, then please, just comment below.  I will be really happy if you comment what you're interested in and what you want to read. I want to create content I love to write and you love to read. I'd love to communicate with my readers and getting to know them too. I want to inspire people I want someone to look at me and say: "Because of you, I didn't give up." Over and out. 

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